Xbox Feedback

Xbox Feedback: Your Idea. Your Vote. Your Xbox.

We absolutely love the #Xbox Feedback site and are compiling the ideas we’ve suggested and voted on here. If you haven’t visited Xbox Feedback, it provides users with a direct link to Microsoft to post, or vote on, ideas about all aspects of #Xbox. As ideas get moved into development and subsequent completion, the status changes, so you may get a glimpse into user requests upon which Microsoft is actively working.

Our Ideas

  • Allow Controller Assignment: We’ve had issues with some games, like #Skylanders and #DisneyInfinity, getting confused with which user is playing. Being able to force the controller assignment would be a nice feature to get around this. Plus, @Matthew tries to discourage anyone else from using his Xbox On Day 1 Controller.
  • Twitter Overlay During Live TV: There’s been an increasing trend of celebrities live tweeting with fans during their shows or just shows they enjoy. Bringing this overlay to the TV through #Xbox would be great (and seems like it would be a relatively easy maybe).

Ideas from Others

  • Bring Back Major’s Minute: We’re not podcast people, but used to love the Major’s Minute – we would definitely enjoy seeing it return.
  • Cortana on Xbox: While we disagree with the negative slant of this idea, we can’t wait for the day that #Cortana is integrated with #Kinect.
  • DirecTV RVU Support: This particular idea was probably a waste of a vote, because the author didn’t put any time into writing it, so Microsoft would rightfully ignore it. However, we would really like direct integration between the #Xbox one and DirecTV, so we went with it.
  • Game Demos: From the first #Xbox One announcement, we were all in on digital games and all purchases possible have been through that media (#Skylanders and #DisneyInfinity aren’t available digitally). Unfortunately, this means that horrible games like Men in Black and Game of Thrones can’t be resold on eBay. Having the chance to first try a game will definitely help make sure any purchase is a happy one.
  • Insteon App for Xbox: While the original post was simply to control devices, we would love to see #Insteon automation expanded to include a popup from your security cameras. This would help determine when a game needs to be paused to answer the door or if it’s just someone that missed the “no soliciting” sign.
  • Mass Effect Trilogy on Xbox One: For @Matthew, #MassEffect is the epitomy of a great RPG; for @Shannon, it’s #DragonAge. Either way, we’d like a chance to revisit the #Citadel just one more time.
  • Say Thank You to have Xbox Stop Listening: The world needs a little more manners, and having #Kinect recognize it instead of getting confused would be great.