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At #SDCC last year, we had the great pleasure of meeting Michael Giacchino (@M_Giacchino) and his wife. Actually, we were waiting to take photos at the #DragonAge booth and were very fortunate that his wife asked if we would take photos with them. Embarrassingly, I must admit to not recognizing Mr. Giacchino, which led to my very shocked “Wait, you’re Michael Giacchino???” when he said something along the lines of, “I’m glad you like the new Star Trek movies; I wrote the music.” (This was quickly followed my much gushing and me wishing I had brought his score sitting on my piano with me to Comic-Con!)

Anyway, I completely digress from the intent of this post. After meeting Mr. Giacchino, he invited us to @TrekMovieLive taking place that night, where the @SanDiegoSymph was playing the score of Star Trek (2009) live during a presentation of the movie at the Embarcadero Marina Park. Of course, there was no turning it down, so we quickly made plans to be there in costume that evening.

Star Trek Costume Contest (San Diego Symphony Orchestra PhotoBucket)

Arriving at the event, there was time for a small meal (basic faire) and a perusal of the gift shop prior to a costume contest. While this was our first time ever doing #Cosplay, and we’re not the most outgoing of people anyway, this was not the easiest thing for us. However, everyone was incredibly supportive and Super B loved getting so much attention – truly, he thought everyone was there for him. The first part of the costume contest took place near the pre-event area, where we did the group photo shown at the right and had the preliminary judging, where the top few contenders were selected based on clapping. This was all just for fun and wasn’t any sort of intense contest – everyone was just there to enjoy it. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of the Round 1 winners beyond @FamilyGeekdom and a young lady that did an incredible job at a Vulcan science officer, but everyone did a great job.

After completing Round 1, we then learned of the Semi-Finals, which took place at the main stage. Getting back there was a little rushed, but still all in good fun. Backstage, we were greeted by a number of musicians going past and also got to spend more time with Mr. Giacchino and his wife. They were so welcoming of all of us and really made us comfortable preparing to go on stage at the Embarcadero in front of countless people. It was at that point that the group of us went out on the main stage, where we were presented and also given the microphone for a quick introduction – Super B handled ours marvelously and, while we don’t have it video’d, I still remember him letting everyone know that he was Captain Kirk, but not really Captain Kirk (just dressed up like him) because he’s actually a superhero #Fireblaster… it was really awesome. The semi-finals led to one final round, where we picked up second place and the Vulcan lady first. She really put a lot of time and effort into her costume, while we rode on the laurels of the extremely cute Super B – we’re definitely planning to kick up the Cosplay for this year!

@Amalthea31, Super B, @JohnTheCho, and @RDY2DVE, backstage at @TrekMovieLive at #SDCC 2014

@Amalthea31, Super B, @JohnTheCho, and @RDY2DVE, backstage at @TrekMovieLive at #SDCC 2014

Before getting to the meat of this, there’s one final comment, and that was when we went back stage after the finals and met with Mr. Giacchino again and also met John Cho (@JohnTheCho). I’ve never been one to gush over a celebrity, including those I’ve grown up watching – truly, meeting Michael Giacchino was better than any actor I could have met. That said, John Cho was really amazing. He was at the event to introduce the movie (a rather moving introduction, as I recall), and, backstage, I don’t think he could have cared less about meeting us – and that was great. Because… he was wonderful with Super B. As soon as we were introduced, he crouched down to Super B’s level and started talking with him. I think he shook our hands, but that’s it – he focused on Super B. As a parent, there is nothing more that I could ask of anyone meeting my son than to make it about him. I just hope I didn’t offend by mentioning to Super B that this was “the real Sulu” (no offense to @GeorgeTakei who I would describe the same way).

After all that, I’m left with little room for what I was planning to write this article about, but maybe the lead-up describes it better than anything else. We loved @TrekMovieLive and highly recommend it – in fact, we’ve been waiting all year to buy the tickets to go at #SDCC 2015 and, yes, we’re upping the ante on our costumes. I have a musical background, so being around any orchestra was fabulous – getting to watch a great Star Trek movie while also sharing the San Diego Symphony Orchestra with my family made it all the better. Viewing of the movie was great – no, it’s not at a theatre, it’s outside in the open, but that was OK. Everyone was very polite and respectful. The music was dead-on perfect. And the people were really good folks that you want to support. San Diego Symphony Orchestra broke the news of the leak a couple hours early to us today, so we’ve got our seats right up front in Premium Cabaret. Since then, @TrekMovieLive released the link to buy tickets, so we’ll provide it again here: I’m sure all of the seats are wonderful, but we were really happy with Cabaret last year and think our seats are even better this year. I would probably recommend against Champagne, as I feel those seats may be too close to the stage, so you might end up straining to see the screen – I could be completely wrong, however. As to the Lawn seats, we only heard good things from others that attended the movie. So, gear up in your best #StarTrek cosplay and take a break from all things #SDCC to catch @SanDiegoSymph playing @TrekMovieLive – since I failed to mention it earlier, it is Star Trek: Into Darkness this year. We’ll see you there.



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