• Doctor Warp

    Doctor Warp is an alien, brought to earth and trapped here by accident. Now, it must use its innate abilities to battle the forces of darkness, while trying to find its way home! Its Dimensional Gateway power gives it the ability to create portals, opening doorways in reality to any location that it can clearly visualize - nowhere is off limits to Doctor Warp! Now, Doctor Warp protects the worlds from arsonists, while also battling the evil plans of Mr. Eskimo! (Thanks to The Superhero Name Generator for this great bio.)
  • Super B

    Super B is one-fifth Fireblaster, hailing from the Fireblaster Planet once thought to have been destroyed. Along with the last remaining Money Monster, he lives on earth and coordinates the activities of all superheroes, using his ability to gain any super power to battle evil and chaos.